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 how to get started in the bookmark
Please click.
 After this, the screen title and the URL can be written as the following image will appear.
 After, The Crucifixion by copying the URL of the site page you want to register the title and name of your choice in any
 It is the completion of registration by pressing the Register button. And etc. disappear that does not work, there is a warning on the following.

 Browser Cookie removal
  And removing various types of browser Cookie life list of bookmarks disappears.

  To save the bookmark data in the export feature of the Bookmarks Manager, import bookmarks back.

  Export will be saved to the downloads folder, etc.. Upload to import and export data for use in

  It is possible to move the bookmarks to another computer. You can save the export in the cloud, such as free email

  To import the bookmarks on the go, at your disposal. You can also save to SD cards, etc. and carry things.

 If you want to manage multiple bookmarks
  To manage two bookmarks in the same browser on at lifelist.jp and www.lifelist.jp.

  When you save in bookmarks exportlifelist.jp/global.htmlandwww.lifelist.jp/global.html separately save in the export.

  Because we can control the bookmarks in the browser by Firefox IE Chrome,
  including further browser number x can manage two sets of bookmarks.

  If you need to save even if each browser by lifelist.jp/global.html and www.lifelist.jp/global.html  separately save in the export.

  For bookmarks data is stored in the Cookie every user PC LifeList side, bookmark data to

  We do not keep. Therefore if the bookmark data disappeared just in case cannot be recovered on the life list.

  The bookmark data in preparation for tens, on your own PC or SD card in the bookmark management export

  We recommend that you save. If away case bookmarks are stored in the export

  By importing the exported data can be corrected immediately. Exporting is useful when moving to a new PC.

 Export mutual utilization

 The bookmark data export data of the browser and
 You can use.
 Export example browser bookmarks from the Bookmarks Manager
 A LifeList LifeList export import to browser
 It is possible to do.

 how to manage after a bookmark
 Management after setting the bookmark right under Bookmark Management Please click.
 After this, the screen that you can delete a bookmark after registration as the following image will appear.
 You can turn off the bookmark you want to delete individually by pressing the delete button to the right of the bookmark you want to erase.

 I came to be able to 54 or more up to bookmark.
 The second column of the bookmark 7 ~ 12 will appear automatically when you register all to bookmark 1 ~ 6.

 Notes on bookmark
 ※ Please read the following instructions. I will assume that was able to understand the following instructions after use. Off-site If you ask appears
 once a life list The new home page or return to the home screen a new addition, like the other portal sites when you want to display the main page
 and search again will open in new window You do not have to open a. I also leads to time savings for that.Bookmark isyou can use it immediately
 registered etc. unnecessary. This website It is available free of charge.Preservation and collection of bookmark data will not be on this site
 because you want to save the data to the PC itself that you use it to bookmark data. Not be published on the net because it is saved to
 the browser itself of the PC that you use it to bookmark data. This is the bookmark feature of your own exactly.
  Bookmark because data is stored in a Cookie, etc.Check to delete the browsing history of the history of browsing the Internet Options
 on the Tools in □ at the end of the (W) It will be gone in just close the browser or not saved and delete the Cookie and if there is.
 By the setting of the configuration PC browser other There is a case to disappear or could not be saved.
 Please use it as a bookmark a simplified version of the last. Cookie is not disappear Oh yeah as long as you do not put out intentionally,
 but it was set just in case Please save from the export of bookmark management bookmark.
 You can restore from imported bookmarks that you exported.
 This is possible import the exported data may be times when you want to use another PC same bookmark environment.
 The damage caused by use and bookmark this site This site does not assume any responsibility for direct, In no event shall indirectly.
 that any sort for responsible if the bookmark file has disappeared Is not responsible. Please use it in understanding it.
 The data can not be saved across the browser this bookmark.
 You will save each of browsers. You may favorite data disappears if by this site maintenance and transfer of the server. I
 s a case to make a transfer of server without notice There. I do not have your responsibility in that case.
 In addition, there is a case where I am allowed to change the specifications at the discretion of the site.
 Please use it in understanding it. Bookmarks because it is saved on your computer itself Never bookmarks you set are shared over the internet.
  It is a bookmark of your own. However,since it is registered to a personal computer itself,
 such as a personal computer shared It will be shared by those who watch the PC with the use of.
 You can have you use it as a favorite of people dedicated to each use each browser if Wakere the browser you use.
 It may be different depending on the browser (. You can on one PC at any bookmark set of separate units in each browser). automatically
 Second column will appear when you register 6 th. Bookmark after setting the lower right "bookmark management
 is possible to save and delete by clicking the ".

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